Believe it or not – it has been a year since I made the Leap of Fashion and I am working on making my dream come true!

I have just finished my first year Exams and am now starting year 2.

Exams were great, it is hard because you cannot study for it, only apply what you have learned. So it is a bit like jumping into the deep end – with blinds over your eyes: you’re going to drown miserably or start swimming naturally like a Dolphin.

Here are 2 patterns I have developed for my Fashion Design Exam with the theme: COCOON (which is one of 3 themes you could choose to design your 4 look collection and develop a collection presentation):

developed from a cocoon
developed from a cocoon
Developed from a butterfly's wing
Developed from a butterfly’s wing















I have been successful with my exam collection, because it divided the grading teachers so they told me 🙂 – that means it is definitely not boring!

I will share more in due course.

Until then, CJx




Thank you Universe

Be careful what you wish for!

Yesterday I wrote about thinking of becoming serious about illustration – today: my first opportunity!

So happy! Stay tuned 🙂


#BCBG #fashionillustration
#BCBG #fashionillustration


Exactly one year ago, I have made the leap of faith – my Leap of Fashion! Lots has happened, much has been learned.

I am beginning to think that Illustrations may be a way forward for me and I’d like to share a few I have produced this year, getting better by the day. More to follow.

What do you think? 😉