The Optical Project

The task for our new collection was finding inspiration in op-art – and mix square silhouettes with round prints and vice versa. To develop shapes from draping with sure or round pieces of fabric and then develop prints and manipulations from artists of that movement.


Here are my results:

Optical Project Collection
Optical Project Collection
















Le Theatre Dior


I visited ‘Le Theatre Dior’ on Tuesday at The Dubai Mall, a showcase which truly celebrates the spirit of Dior’s love for living life in style.

It is a testament to the legacy of the legendary designer, who once said, “The couturier is a magician who wants to make every woman a princess.”

‘Le Theatre Dior’ is a travelling exhibition with over 60 most intricate, beautiful handmade miniature versions of designs from the archives of this French design house are on display.

Designs by Christian Dior himself as well those designed by Dior’s other creative directors: Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano, and Raf Simons are on display.

IMG_6891 IMG_6890 IMG_6912 IMG_6915





We had the honour of being shown around by the regional training manager, Ronda Yasin – who is a true inspiration and the best representation for the House.

Afterwards we even had an in-depth show around of the boutique with the store manager and CRM managers and a very personal Q&Q.


The Artist’s Project

To create a new collection, made from 100% wool, I was inspired by the Artist Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss Surrealist and Existantialist from the 20th Century. His textures and mood of his drawings and sculptures inspired me for textures and shapes of a 10 look collection.

Giacometti – the moodboard that inspired the collection










Giacometti Collection
Giacometti Collection

From this collection, the task is to make 1 look into reality!

Giacometti Collection
Giacometti Collection
Giacometti Collection Look to be realised
Giacometti Collection Look to be realised

















After selection with the advice of my professors – this is the result – a fully lined inspired wool jacket and draped trousers – super-soft and comfortable, with creative hand-dyed lining.



Super-happy with the result – so is my teacher!

Model in Personal Wool Outfit
Mon professeur Emma 🙂










My creation has made it to the front door of the school! 🙂