Getting down and dirty


Winter is looming and with it the skiing season. Well, not so much in Dubai, where you can get your 90 second spin downhill all year round indoors. Or take it to the sanddunes.

If you’re planning to hit the slopes, you’re probaly already searching the web for that stylish warm winter parka. 100% down preferrably for extra warmth and fluffiness.

I am not an avid wintersports person and have never thought much about this part of fashion. But one thing I feel passionately about is ethical fashion, protecting the environment and animal welfare. I knew about forcefeeding for Foie Gras, but never thought about the feathers.

I had a newsletter in my inbox this morning from Patagonia, who I admire very much for their active concern about how their actions influence the environment and how they can minimise these effects.

Head over to their website and watch the adorable skiing goose find out about the pickle its fellow feathers find themselves in:



Think before you buy!


Who am I?

Well, if only I knew…  The question of who I am has been plaguing me my whole life. I can’t pin myself down!

Right now I am an ordinary woman who took the leap of faith to fulfil her dream. I have quit my successful career as director of events and sales in luxury hospitality to become a student again. A student of fashion design, to be precise. And no, I am not 25 anymore (although I’d like to think I don’t look and act a day older than 29).

My BHAG? Become a womenswear buyer for an international retailer. Or work in the design team of an international designer. In London. Or New York. Or LA if you twist my arm.

Crazy? Yes. Definitely. But I have discovered that I have done what many people dream of doing. Quit your job and follow your dream. It is scary, VERY scary. Although I don’t doubt for a minute what I have done was the right decision to life my life without regrets, I am navigating in unchartered territory without the lovely monthly paycheck and no secure job prospect.

This blog is to share my journey with you guys. And keep you updated how I am doing.